Americans Dominate the Masters Golf Tournament. But for How Long?

The Masters golf tournament has historically been dominated by American players.

But how much longer will it last?

For the first three decades of the tournament America held 100% of the champion positions. Since then, the rest of the world has started catching up.

Top 100 Best Ice Hockey Players Birth Dates

An analysis of the top 100 greatest ice hockey players of all time has revealed a strange pattern among the players: A significantly disproportionate number of them were born in January.

Which Horse Should You Bet on to Win the 2019 Grand National?

Today we examine the race records of the horses competing in the 2019 Grand National at Aintree, to see if we can determine any significant statistics that might lead us to draw conclusions on which horse is most likely to win.

Of the past 27 Grand Nationals, almost all the winning horses had run in the last 35 days, were officially rated 137 or higher, had won over at least 3 miles of hurdles and were at least 9 years old. Based on the above, we can eliminate the following horses from our prediction: