In which countries is it illegal to be gay?

It may shock you to know that it’s still illegal to be gay in over 70 countries. But what may shock you more is that 12 countries still punish homosexuality with the death penalty.

The below map shows all the countries in which it is illegal to be homosexual:

The death penalty

Shockingly the countries shown in the map below are still legally allowed to kill gay people for no other reason than being born gay:

But why do the law makers in these countries have such hatred for men and women who were born differently to them, through no choice of their own?

Hatred for homosexuality has long been associated with religion. The more extreme the religion, the more extreme the hate. The countries in which homosexuality is punishable by execution are some of the most extreme totalitarian Islamic States in the world:

  • Iran
  • Northern Nigeria
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Yemen

Though some of these countries have shown small signs of progress in recent years — for example Saudi Arabian allowing women to drive — they still have much progress to make to reach the standards of equality we are accustomed to in Europe.

It seems that Islam is likely to be a key factor holding back progress. When looking at a map of majority muslim countries we can see there is a correlation between Muslim countries and countries in which it is illegal to be gay:

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